How to Ride a Bicycle and Stay Safe

Riding a bicycle is one of the safest ways of getting around in the modern world. If you add health benefits that you get from cycling, riding a bike is not only the safest and most enjoyable way to travel, but also the healthiest.

At the same time, there is no way to deny that when you share a road with cars, riding can be dangerous. Because of this, you need to follow certain rules to stay safe. This article will introduce you to these rules.

The main rule and priority to remain safe are that you always want to be visible. If car drivers can’t see you, they can’t avoid crashing into you. Because of this, you will often see that outfits for cyclists have a lot of bright colours such as orange, yellow, white and red. If you cycle at night, you need to equip your bike with front and rear lights and use them after dusk.

Riding with safety in mind doesn’t mean you have to be timid on the road. You are entitled to your spot in the traffic. When you ride a bike with self-assurance and know what you are doing, motorists will have an easier time anticipating your actions and will be more comfortable sharing the road with you.

When on the road, always try to make eye contact with drivers when making a turn or passing. If you can’t make eye contact, be aware of what the other driver is doing. If the driver is not looking at you, he or she doesn’t see you. Engaging the drivers of cars visually is one of the ways to stay safe.

If you are riding in a city, you want to stay far enough from traffic so that when the driver is opening a door, you will not crash into it. You may have to deal with some honking motorists that can’t figure out why you wouldn’t yield to the right and let them pass you, but such situations doesn’t mean that you should give up your ground.

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