Cycling as a Theme in Slot Games

Biking is an extremely popular activity and sport that is also fun to watch, which is why there are so many different types of bicycle races. These races include road bicycle races, cyclocross, which is racing on different surfaces, mountain bike racing, and cycle speedway and track cycling. Bicycle races are popular everywhere on the planet, and especially in Europe, including Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany.

Because of their popularity, bicycle races are used as a theme in many games and activities, including casino slot games. If you are interested in quality entertainment, you can try out the very popular netent starburst on

Slots machines were first invented in San Francisco by Charles Fey in the late nineteenth century. The first slot was called The Liberty Bell. It had feet made out of cast iron and three metal reels. The first slot machines had ten different symbols. In combination with three reels, it means that they had 1,000 different combinations. To win, the players needed to accomplish the same jackpot they need today, which is lining up three items in a row.

Today slot machines, including machines with themes such as bicycle races, are some of the most popular casino attractions, yet this has not always been the case. When Bugsy Siegel was starting the gambling industry in Las Vegas in the 1940s, slot machines were just an afterthought.

One of the main differences between modern slots and their predecessors, is the number of combinations and ways to win. Slots today typically have 20 symbols, which increases the number of combinations from the original 1,000 to 8,000. Such a high number of combinations makes playing slots really interesting and exciting.

Although modern slot machines present many new themes and variations, the game remains the same. The goal is to line up identical symbols in a row.

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