Welcome to our website about cycling. Here you will learn about a variety of bicycle-related subjects and topics, from choosing a bicycle to various cycling competitions and their sponsors, to betting on the competitions.

One of the amazing features of bicycles is that a bicycle has a variety of different uses. A bicycle can be a piece of high-tech sports gear, a way of getting to work or getting errands done, a way to travel and discover the world, an escape to nature from a busy city, a social network, and a means of pushing through personal limits, be it by participating in a race, or going downhill on a mountain bike.

Over the last century, cycling has truly changed the world, from how people commute to work, to how they rest, to how they compete with each other. During different times in history, bikes carried politicians, mailmen, soldiers, explorers, and artists.

In a lot of ways, cyclists live in their own bubbles. Some view their bicycles as a way to get to work. For others, a bike is a performance machine. If you are passionate about cycling, you can not only enjoy riding your bike, but also bet on cycling events and win money this way. On this website, you will find information about this subject too.

For whatever reasons you choose to ride your bike, there are sides of cycling culture and history that you probably don’t know much about. This website is here to introduce you to various fascinating facts and events from the cycling world, including social, sporting, cultural and historical.